Mastering Those Tough Conversations..... without losing your religion



Interpersonal Skills to "Be Wise as Serpents and Harmless as Doves"

Matthew 10:16

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Part 1: To Be Wise AND Harmless

When conversations are tough, our physiology moves to "Fight or Flight" mode, to protect ourselves. The "Fight" mode causes us to passionately present our evidence that we are right, but we forget to be harmless.  The "Flight" mode causes us to capitulate just to "keep the peace," which is certainly not always wise. Learn interpersonal skills that avoid both extremes.

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Part 2: Why Our Goal Shifts, Mid-Conversation

In Part 1 we learned that our dialogue goal shifts from good to bad, mid-conversation.  Part 2 addresses WHY we do this and how to prevent this shift to get results. These soft skills can salvage an otherwise disastrous conversation.

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Part 3: The Four Easy Steps to Success

Now that we know WHY we shift our goal mid-conversation, find out the four steps we can take to keep our conversation on track and avoid becoming a steamroller or a doormat.  These communication skills are simple but effective.

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Part 4: The Art of Listening

So you do everything right and they are still attacking you like a serpent or just appeasing you like a dove - in other words, they go to "fight or flight"? Find out the four skills to get the conversation back on track. These interpersonal skills get results.

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Part 5: The Great Debate (Now Available! - 6/29/19)

So this person is clearly here to prove you wrong and you don't want to look foolish. Learn the communication skills to handle the most common tactics wielded in an argument, so that rather than "proving them wrong" you can persuade them to move to principle.

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Part 6: All Things to All People (Coming Soon)

Blessing others is not only our duty, but also a wise lifestyle.  When we build bridges with others, we have more peace, more influence, and we learn far more than we otherwise would. Learn the interpersonal skills that building bridges for results.

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Carl Martin


Carl Martin has trained hundreds of managers and employees in EEOC and government compliance, leadership, time management, goal-setting, and interpersonal development in corporate America. He has spoken at universities, churches, camp meetings, schools, retreats, and other events across the United States and overseas, and has held speaking tours in Jinotega, Nicaragua and in eight cities along the eastern coast of Australia in 2016. 

In February, 2019 Carl was the keynote speaker at the Children's Ministry Convention in Crandall, Georgia.